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Is going to an IPI CME Retreat worth it?

When you haven't been on one of our CME retreats, it is easy to wonder if it is worth the time and resources involved. But when you look at the responses from participants, it actually offers an incredible return on investment.

Here are the comments from the participants of this year's Alaska CME Retreat :

What exactly are all these people raving about? Well, consider what the course objectives were and how, if met, they might elicit these kind of responses.

1. Clarify personal and professional values, beliefs, and meanings that impact one's ability to engage with patients and the clinical team in a way that produces positive personal and professional outcomes.

2. Learn and practice techniques of self-evaluation and how to best engage improvement science.

3. Identify self-care and resiliency practices that help sustain health, effectiveness and competency in a high stress environment.

4. Practice present and communication strategies that create safe space for leading together in the clinical environment; builds the clinical team's trust; and enhances satisfaction and performance.

When asked if these objectives were met 100% of our participants said they were completely and rated the overall quality of the program as 'excellent'.

To find out more visit our CME Events page for the latest the Institute for Physician Integration is working on.

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