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Positive Connections Physician Integration & Wellbeing Program

Physician burnout is reaching epidemic proportions.

It is a complex issue driven by many factors, among which are the increasing pace of change and cost pressures in healthcare, feelings of isolation and a culture of medicine that does not value wellbeing. The costs are substantial in terms of personal suffering, impact on patient care and the financial burdens imposed on the organization.

We provide consultation to health systems to improve physician engagement scores, reduce turnover and prevent the loss of physicians due to burnout.

What we do

We work with both individual physicians and organizations. Our work with individual physicians identifies those things in their personal lives, training experiences and current work environments that are drivers of burnout and other issues. We also aggregate the insights gained through these in-depth coaching and therapeutic encounters into organization-specific recommendations to leadership. Those recommendations are prioritized to offer the best returns-on-investment in reduced turnover and savings in recruitment costs, better patient care and clinical outcomes, and improvements in physician wellbeing and productivity.

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