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Physician Leadership for Transformative Change (2019 at Whidbey Island!)

"Our best hope for an improved system of health care lies in developing authentic, compassionate and competent physician leaders who create conditions for an alternative future."

Among the more than seven million people working in healthcare, there are about 16 other health workers for every physician. Most organizations not originally structured as physician-led have only recently come to value doctors-as-leaders as a critically important role.

This is a course that provides a new view of physician leadership that challenges every participant to look within more deeply, to renew the self that is engaged in the work, to develop the inner resilience that sustains us and the capacity for influencing the changes needed in our practices and healthcare organizations.

Physicians can bring wisdom and empathy to a system that provides neither. If we are wise, we can meet our quality and productivity metrics and at the same time rediscover and cultivate the ancient art of doctoring.

Join Dr. Herdley Paolini and Dr. Joe Sherman on September 19-22, 2019 in Whidbey Island, Washington.

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