2017 Alaska CME Retreat

2018 Physician Leadership Retreat

2016 Alaska CME Retreat

2016 Alaska CME Retreat

True to it's title - a transformative change of personal and professional growth.

Well thought out course, conducted by competent leaders. I as well as the entire group grew in our confidence and abilities as physicians to engage positively our work environments and institutions in the change needed in healthcare.

It was amazing how in a short time I was able to find my leadership voice.

I have been exercising the principles learned on this course - engaging in particular the facilitation of meetings for high engagement and collaboration. I am pleased to share that the results have continued to inspire me!

This course gave me insight into myself and my leadership style and it helped me to move in the direction of becoming a more transformational leader. 

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2017 Alaska CME Retreat

This was a remarkable experience! The facilitator was excellent! The experience will directly impact my interaction with my colleagues and lead to improved patient care.

Please continue to offer this course, highly recommend it!

We learned skills, ideas, confidence in areas that they never got close to in medical school. Gets closer to physician heal thyself than anything I've experienced. Thank You!

Excellent Experience. Tested me physically, mentally and emotionally. Loved the setting, the course and the interaction with colleagues. Learned so much about communication that I will apply. 

This program was life changing for me. It was above and beyond my expectations. I acquired new tools to deal with my personal and professional challenges. Dr. Paolini is an outstanding professional! This CME was well organized and highly effective in engaging all participants to meet the course objectives. 

To call this 15 hrs of CME is just not right: it should be 5 times that! The entire week should count. The curriculum was for all but very personal with an opportunity to deeply connect with our individual situation and needs.

Dr. Paolini was a masterful, prepared and well researched facilitator, and I highly (VERY VERY HIGHLY) recommend her course to my physicians and health care provider colleagues. Florida Hospital Tampa is very lucky to be partnering with her. 

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