May 20, 2016

Healers in Need of Healing Cannot Heal

The "triple-aim" was first proposed in literature in 2008 - and has since become healthcare's "Holy Grail". Unfortunately, it has also become as elusive as its mythological counterpart. 

In this publication, by Herdley O. Paolini, PhD and Mark H. Greenawald, M.D., a critical 'fourth aim' has been proposed. But instead of being an afterthought to the "triple-aim", it is a prerequisite to achieving it at all.

October 31, 2014

Physician Burnout and the Patient Experience: Are We Overlooking a Crucial Element?

This article is Dr. Paolini's most recent publication and it is authored with Kathleen C. Gibney, PhD and Richard J. Bogue, PhD.

April 19, 2013

Antidotes to Burnout: Fostering Physician Resiliency, Well-Being, and Holistic Development

Dr. Paolini has authored numerous articles and academic papers, of which her April 19, 2013 paper is best known. Antidotes to Burnout: Fostering Physician Resiliency, Well-Being, and Holistic Development, was developed with Burt Bertram, EdD, and Ted Hamilton, MD, and published by Medscape, a multi-specialty online journal serving physicians and other medical professionals.

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