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Missing the Mark in Physician Leadership Programs

Physicians are being thrust into leadership roles at an unprecedented rate. But they are rolling their eyes at traditional leadership training - why?

Most physician leadership programs miss the mark despite solid material, competent faculty, and seemingly logical, well-designed curriculum,

In the words of one interviewed medical staff leader "Waste of time. I learned nothing." This ineffectiveness is only echoed by those in senior management positions, with one physician saying "I don't understand why (our) physicians can't find purpose and meaning in our agenda".

When physicians attempt to lead without the skills needed to inspire, gain others respect and enlist into collaboration - the result is frustration.

In the most recent article by Herdley O. Paolini, PhD, and Mark H. Greenawald, MD, "Healers in Need of Healing Cannot Heal", a call to move from transactional leadership to transformational leadership is made. The different initiatives and outcomes are showcased in the table below.

"We lead from who we are, and we gain meaning from why we do what we do. If the "who we are" is burned out, cynical, and lacking in self and other compassion—and yet we feel we have to save face and not admit to it, and the "why we do it" is focused on economic transactions—no amount of academic education on leadership theory will help us engage ourselves or others in the healing process."

What do you think is the biggest 'miss' in traditional leadership programs? Start the discussion in the comments below.


You can read the full article, Healers in Need of Healing Cannot Heal, on Medscape here :

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