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Healthcare's Whitewater (Video)

Healthcare’s White Water: A CME curriculum that addresses Physician Burnout and Physician Leadership Development. In this video: 12 physician leaders, one of the top white water rivers in the world, and a shared desire to grow a leadership that is courageous, passionate, and sustaining.

These 12 physicians leaders from 4 healthcare systems in the US, took the challenge to navigate the Gauley waters in West Virginia, while applying the learnings to help them navigate the ‘permanent white waters’ of current medicine practice and healthcare. The three day experience, combined 5 hrs. at the lower gauley, 4 and half hrs. at the Upper Gauley, and an 8 hr CME course that combined concepts from neuroscience, holistic leadership, emotional and social intelligence. As health systems wrestle with clinical integration, population health, performance improvement, and physician burnout, to drive much needed transformational change, physician leadership is crucial. The realities of modern medicine demand physician leadership more than ever. Physicians are influencers in hospital units, ER’s, OR’s, their practices, etc. At the Institute for physician integration we believe: - Physician leaders are formed, not born leaders - Physician leadership involves inner integration versus outer manipulation – the ability to combine the personal with the professional, the ability to know oneself well – one’s unique strengths and vulnerabilities, ones’ values, one’s story and how it influences one’s presence – how one shows up for particular conversations or for specific incidents. We believe that the best leadership is one where we learn a reflective leadership where we ask courageous questions of ourselves first before we expect others to follow our lead. - Physician leadership involves the ability to understand, enlist, and influence others. This is a function of creating trust, valuing and understanding how to build collaboration, and how to call out the best in people.

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