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Still Waters Lodge

High Springs, FL

June 8-10, 2018

You should attend this intense weekend if you are completing your sophomore or senior year of high school and want to discover your own unique journey and face life's challenges and opportunities with confidence.

Master core 



Make new friends with

people just like you

Learn to enlist others 

by sharing your own

authentic story

A life-changing weekend where young people will learn life skills, develop leadership qualities and discover how to: 

  • Begin a journey toward making an impact in the world and living a fully human life

  • Rise above societal drift and tap into personal power, enlist peers, and influence others.

  • Successfully navigate the demands of applying for college and succeeding there and beyond

Register Now!

The Institute is limited to 12 


Twelve top students will spend intensive time with two extraordinary facilitators—authors, teachers, practitioners of mindfulness, experts in leadership development, and themselves life-long leaders for numerous causes—who through their work identified the leadership attributes that matter most. And they used it all to create The Young Leaders Institute.

If you want to stir the world, this is the place for you!

The Young Leaders Institute was created by Herdley Paolini and Samir Selmanović, two very different activists who found common ground in leadership development and their own ambitions to “stir the world.”

Herdley O. Paolini, Ph.D., L.P., gained national attention by creating the first-of-its- kind holistic physician integrative wellness program designed to counteract physician burnout and foster physician leadership development. She subsequently left Florida Hospital after 12 years as director of Physician Support Services to share the program she created there with medical staffs and health systems across the nation. She is the Founder of The Institute for Physician Integration where she provides counseling to physicians and physician family members. Dr. Paolini is a licensed psychologist, teacher, and author of Inside the Mind of a Physician. She also has authored numerous articles and academic papers, including being lead author of Healers in Need of Healing Cannot Heal, recently published by Medscape, a multi-specialty online journal. She earned her doctorate from Western Michigan University and she has 30 years of experience influencing change through CME curriculum, leadership development, and creative programing at both the individual and organizational levels.

Samir Selmanović, Ph.D., PCC, helps people live a fully human life with
experience and insight harvested from a B.Sc. in Engineering, M.A. in
Psychology, a Master of Divinity, and a Ph.D. in Human Development. A
graduate of Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Program, he is an ICF Professional Certified Coach. Samir taught parenting classes in public schools and spoke at Harvard and Princeton about leadership in our
increasingly diverse world. Growing up in the Balkans with a Muslim father and Christian mother in an atheist society—with capitalism to the West and
communism to the East—Samir experienced a precarious world of competing narratives. An author, frequent speaker and executive coach, Dr. Selmanović worked with organizations across many sectors, including Florida Hospital, the National Conference on Innovation, and the New York Foundation for the Arts. He has worked with corporations, community organizations, and non-profits, raising money for worthy causes, creating events and programs, enlisting active volunteers, and developing leaders.

A Note to Parents

We have found most parents and their children become overwhelmed by the logistics of college applications, financial arrangements, and the search for the best academic trajectory for success. These do matter. However, nothing determines the future success of a young leader as showing up (presence), telling his or her story (narrative), and befriending the unknown (resilience). These are all-important and irreducibly human capacities—valued at premium by organizations across all sectors and never to be displaced by technology. We have created YLI to help youth taste their budding wisdomandledership strength and never forget it.

The Venue

The Still Waters Lodge at High Springs, Florida. Arrival Friday, June 8 at 11 AM. Departure Sunday, June 10 at 1:30 PM. Transportation will be provided from Winter Park, FL and return. 

The Investment 

$1,595 (Includes Leadership Institute, Transportation, Lodging, Meals, and Canoeing. Space is limited to the first 12 students who register.)


Interested but not sure yet? You can have a free 30-min conversation with either one of the facilitators so you can ascertain whether this is a right fit for you. Schedule time with Samir here:

Schedule time with Herdley by e-mail at:

Questions? Or to Reserve your Student's Place...


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